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 Rich Nugent bowing out of the upcoming Congressional district 11 race.  Early word is that republicans are calling for Don Browning to finish what he started.  Known to be eying several upcoming possible opportunities to serve the hope of many is that he throw his hat in the 2016 political ring for one more run for Congress.  Word on the street; "Don Browning explores continued efforts to reform congress on the receipt of the news that Rich Nugent today announced he will not seek the party nomination for District 11."  Nugent said he is weary and wants to spend time with his family.

During Nugent's first term, Candidate Don Browning deferred to newly elected Congressman Nugent in 2012 after the successful door opening campaign against 20+ year congressman Cliff Stearns.  Stearns quickly accepted a lobbying job as he lost his seat to a slew of candidate opponents after Browning's challenge.   Congressman Ted Yoho picked up the banner Browning was waving and continued all the way to Washington DC.  Don Browning said, "I will discuss a 2016 run with my family and close political supporter groups and make a decision whether to seek the GOP primary selection to represent district 11."  Currently, an active business investor and SCCA racecar driver Don will have to slow his active Browning Brother's Racing schedule.  

Schedule for Sebring International Speedway November 2015
Car #49 will be popular on the racing circuit with Congressional Candidate Browning at the wheel
Old Dogs Racing begins a new season at Sebring over the Thanksgiving weekend
Race driver Don Browning considers US Congressional run for 2016 in Distirct 11 

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Bkackfeet bottled water, Zephyrhills Water Central Florida Floridan Aquifer. 50911011
Billions of Gallons of Clean Clear Water advertise the Ocala Dome


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A new Mayor and a new vision for historic Montana City of Browning from ordinances to Community Promotion and the historic Blackfeet Nation.
  Browning Mayor Willie Morris brings a fresh perspective to Browning Montana.  Learn the Blackfeet Nation Historical Marker, MT Weather before you travel.
Today's connection:
 Browning history and the Lewis & Clark Encounter with the Blackfeet. Learn of the history of Montana.
Out of State Connections: Ocala of the Seminole Tribe connects with the Blackfeet in Shared History.  Florida reaches out to America in the historic 500 year Viva Florida Celebration. Follow happenings in Florida Celebration.  Governor Rick Scott creates a fresh connection to the world and Browning Montana is a good place to start in the Big Sky Country.  Rage Politics are changing the Tourism Landscape.  Best Florida Visit now can connect visitors to Ocala Best Vacation Choices.  Floridians travel to Montana in all four seasons flooding ambassadors into a rich interest pool.  Winter is coming and Florida Adventures await travelers.
Historic Sister City Ocali Florida A Timucuan province of Ocali located in present day Marion County Florida
Nearly 300 years before Lewis & Clark, Spanish Exploder Hernando DeSoto traveled through the Central Florida region. Ocala is located near the site of Ocale or Ocali, a major Timucua village and chiefdom during the 16th century. The modern city takes its name from the historical village, the name of which is believed to mean "Big Hammock" in the Timucua language.[7] Hernando de Soto passed through Ocale during his famous expedition through what is today the southeastern United States in 1539. Ocale is not mentioned in any later accounts; it appears to have been abandoned in the wake of de Soto's attack 

Blackfeet Village in Northern Montana
Browning Area Blackfeet Nation in present day Northern Montana.

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The Villages Archery Club is just around the cornor from Broken Arrow Archery Club
Come to the Real Marion County Florida and we will loan you a bow, arrows, and shoot with you, primitive recurve only please. 
Broken Arrow Archery Club Welcomes Archers from Montana

Red Shoulder Hawk Chicks.
Three Hawk Chicks hatched and two were aggressive eaters leaving one to parish.

Florida connection POWWow at Chambers Farm outside Ocala.  The Real Marion County presents.

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Butterflys start delicate story in strong nature history of Montana.